Traffic Technology Ltd - Smiley SID (Speed Indication Display)


Education is the key

Developed to alert Drivers & the Community of excess Speed behavior, S.I.D puts social pressure on them to decrease speed when required. Providing Positive Driver Feedback and Education, S.I.D can be configured to provide various road safety messages including “Safety Smile”, Speed Flash, Positive feedback and Speed Limit Difference.

SID is a lightweight portable Driver Feedback Sign, that can be deployed in minutes and remain active for up to 10 days from a single battery.

Housed and sealed within a rugged military specification housing, and weighing only 7kg SID has a proven history of effective speed management.

Deployment is either post or tripod mounting.

Developed as a non aggressive means of speed limit enforcement, SID is seen as the "Friendly" face of community and site speed education.

Increasing safety through education and Driver Feedback


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Even lighter weight
Interchangeable 10 Day battery
Multi function security bracket