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Cycle Safety Sign

The patented iSight-CSS Cycle Safety Sign has been developed to provide advance warning of the presence of cyclists in locations where they are at risk.

iSight can improve road safety as a high visibility cycle activated display that flashes advanced warning to motorist of the presence of cycles.

iSight-CSS (Cycle Safety Sign) highlights the presence of vulnerable road users.

When activated by a passing cycle, the iSight-CSS becomes alert to its surroundings.

With advanced user programmable features such as activate wait times the display can remain dormant until the cyclist is within a high risk area such as a narrow road or out of sight to motorists around a sharp bend.

iSight-CSS used as part of a dynamic safety envelope to wireless track cyclists around the Northgate Roundabout in Chichester, West Sussex

Once active the iSight-CSS becomes a powerful road safety tool, warning motorists of other, more vulnerable road users in the vicinity.